Wednesday, September 16, 2009

JET SET on KTUH 90.3fm 9/16/09 RADIOTHON!

KTUH RADIOTHON TIME!!!! I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!! to everyone who listened and donated! I really have the most awesome fans!! I really, really do! -Nick 
  1. Seatbelts- Tank!
  2. 4HERO- Les Fleur 
  3. CéU- Comadi
  4. Radio Citizen feat. Bajika - The Hop 
  5. Cirque Do Sole-Africa (Cottonbelly Remix)
  6. SOEL- Le Vicomte
  7. Pepe Deluxe- Lying Peacefully (Kidda Remix)
  8. Murvin Gaye- Herd it through the Grapevine 
  9. Nicola Conte- Jet Sounds 
  10. Jackson 5- I Want You Back (Z-Trip Remix)
  11. Raphael Saadiq- Keep Marching 
  12. Tantra Monsters- Wine, Women & Song 
  13. S-Tone Inc. - Limbe 
  14. Karsh Kale- Milan
  15. Bobi Cespedes- California (DJ Tripp 211 Remix)
  16. Gerardo Frisina- E.J. Estou Aqui 
  17. Koop- Let's Elope 
  18. Raphael Saadiq- Grown Folks 
  19. Black Grass- Hold Fire 
  20. Quantic feat. Alice Russell- Sound of Everything 
  21. António Chaínho- Rotas Marítima
  22. Mosquitoes- Rainsong 
  23. Forro in the Dark feat. Davis Bryne- Asa Branca 
  24. Dirty Projectors- No Intentions 
  25. Squrrel Nut Zippers- The Ghost of Stephen Foster 
  26. Club Des Belugas- Dibity Bop 
  27. Wizard of Gaz- Preacher man 
  28. Skankin' Pickle- My Hair!!!
  29. Ursula 1000- Got Cha
  30. Sono Rhizmo- My House
  31. The Apples- Killing 
  32. Bee Gee's - Staying Alive (Teddybears Remix)
  33. Harry Belafonte- Jumpindeline (Wizard of Gaz Remix)
  34. Astrud Gilberto- Tristze (Goodbye Saddness)

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