Wednesday, July 1, 2009

JET SET on KTUH 90.3fm 7/01/09

DIPLO Is Coming!!! I'm Opening Up!!!! Awesome!!!!
  1. Seatbelts- Tank! 
  2. Koop- Koop Island Blues 
  3. Jackie and Roy- Samba Triste (Cut Short...Sorry)
  4. Sonny Rollins- Hold 'Em Joe 
  5. Jussara Selveira- La Vem A Baiana
  6. DJ Krush- Song #1
  7. Astor Piazzolla- Anxiety 
  8. Billie Holiday- Easy Living 
  9. Crazy Penis- 3 Play It Cool 
  10. Oumou Sangare- Djorolen (Worry, Anxiety) ((Remix))
  11. Dorothy Ashby- Canto De Ossanha 
  12. Slide Five- Rhode Trip
  13. Soulstice- The Reason (DJ Spinna Remix) 
  14. DJ Drez & Marty Williams- I Look Fly 
  15. Bebel Gilberto- Bring Back the Love 
  16. Jazzamor- Nuit Magique
  17. Riolistic- Beach Day 
  18. Thunderball- Vai Vai 
  19. Radio Citizen- Birds 
  20. RE:JAZZ- Quiet Nights (Nicola Conte Remix)
  21. Louie Vega- Mozalounge 
  22. Ekova- Starlight in Daden (Da Lata Remix)
  23. Willie Bobo- Lisa
  24. Ibrahim Ferrer- Mami Me Gusto 
  25. Diego Bernal- Dusty Sanchez 
  26. Homeboy- Control Yourself Cousin 
  27. The Bamboos- King of the Rodeo feat. Meghan Washington 
  28. Cody ChestnuTT- Upstarts in a Blowout 
  29. Raphael Saadiq- Keep Marchin' 
  30. Gabor Szabo- The Beat Goes On 
  31. Rusty Bryant- Fire Eater 
  32. Basement Boys present Mudfoot Jones- Jaybird 
  33. St. Germain- Latin Note 
  34. Mike the 2600 King- Hold Up I'm Coming 
  35. Peter Bjorn & John- Young Folks (Diplo Remix)
  36. M.I.A.- Sunshowers 
  37. Chairlift- Evident Utensil (Sinden Remix)
  38. DJ Sandrinho- Berimbau 
  39. DJ Amazing Clay- Favela Funk Samba
  40. Hot Chip- Ready For the Floor 
  41. Benji Hughes- Tight Tee Shirt 
  42. Mo' Horizions- Mambuloo

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