Wednesday, February 25, 2009

JET SET on KTUH 90.3fm 2/25/09

Seatbelts- Tank!
Lal Meri-Dreams of 18 
Sam Cooke- A Long Time Coming 
Aloe Blacc- Long Time Coming 
Nat King Cole- Straighten up and Fly Right (Will i Am Remix)
Federico Aubelle- Corazon
Roberta Flack- Compared To What 
Astrud Gilberto- Who needs Forever (Thievery Corporation Remix)
Baby Charles- Invisible 
Bobby Hughes Experience- The Piper Cherokee
Marlina Shaw- California Soul (Diplo/Mad Decent Remix)
Desmond Williams- Um Favor 
Nat King Cole- More and more Of You Amor (Remixed By Bitter:Sweet) 
Lal Meri- Give Your Light
Ekova- Sabura (Max Pashim Dark Delight Remix)
Cheb i Sabbah- Qalanderi 
MIDIval punDITZ- Bhangra Fever 
Thievery Corporation- Mandala
Lal Meri- Lal Meri
Quantic feat. Alice Russell- Sound Of Everything 
Billie Holiday- Pennies from Heaven (Count De Money Remix)
Laura J Martin- Doki Doki 
Hifana- Wamono
The Karminski Expirence Inc.- Exploration
DJ Cheb i Sabbah- Narajanma Bandage
DJ Cheb I Sabbah- Maname Diname
Thievery Corporation- Lebanese Blond (French Version)
Karsh Kale- Milan
Wasis Diop- Everything (Is Never Quite Enough)
Radio Citizen- Birds
The Bahama Social Club- Nassau Jam (Smoove Remix)
Feist- Leisure Suite
Anqelique Kidjo- Summertime 

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