Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The JET SET 2/18/09

Wowza! Check out this shot from Hush Hush on Tuesday nights. Photo by Jared Zillig
  1. Seatbelts- Tank! (Full Version) 
  2. Lal Meri- Give your Light
  3. Massive Attack- Sly
  4. Keren Ann- Que n' ai-je? 
  5. Embee feat. Jose Gonzalez- Send Someone Away (Radio Edit)
  6. Lal Meri- Dreams of 18 
  7. The Cinematic Orchestra- Wheel Within A Wheel 
  8. The Books- Classy Penguin
  9. Bebel Gilberto- Bring Back The Love 
  10. Zero db- Anythings Possible
  11. Animate Objects- The Weight
  12. Kenny Clarke, Francy Boland Big Bang- Wives and Lovers 
  13. Da Lata- Cores 
  14. Ekova- Steel bird 
  15. Riolistic- Beach Day 
  16. Lal Meri- Sweet Love 
  17. The Bird and the Bee- My Love 
  18. Eccodek- Red, White, and Mali 
  19. DJ Drez- Voice
  20. DJ Cheb i Sabbah- Maname Diname
  21. Sabo and Zeb- Rise Again (feat. Mariella)
  22. Bobby Hutcherson- Montara (The Roots Mix)
  23. Horace Silver- Won't you Open up Your Senses (4Hero Remix)
  24. Earnest Ranglin- Surfin'
  25. The Budos band- T.I.B.W.F. 
  26. The Bamboos- King of The Rodeo (feat. Megan Washington)
  27. Koop- Tonight
  28. Federico Aubelle- Despertar
  29. Rithma- Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake Suite 
  30. Lal Meri- Bad Things
  31. Lambchop- Up With People (Zero 7 Remix)
  32. Astrud Gilberto- Goodbye Sadness (Tristeza)
  33. The Skatalites- Thinking Of You 
  34. Mosquitoes- Rainsong
  35. Rita Ribeiro- Banho Cheirsos
  36. Shirley Bassey- Easy Thing To Do (Nightmares On Wax Remix)
  37. Willie Bobo- The Look of Love 


  1. recommend anywhere i can purchase that track "rise again"?

  2. Probably Amazon would be your best bet since it's imported.

  3. i love you!! YOU are awesome. Thanks for making my rainy day oh so enjoyable mr. nick!